It is not right for the Church to acquiesce in the notion that a man's life is divided into the time he spends on his work and the time he spends in serving God. He must be able to serve God in his work, and the work itself must be accepted and respected as the medium of divine creation."
Dorothy Sayers from "Why Work?"

Welcome to Faith@Work

The church is not a building but a people – a sent people commissioned by Jesus to go and bring good news to broken places. Too often we think of being sent as something that happens only to a certain class of people called missionaries who go to faraway places called mission fields. But what if your call is to that Monday through Friday place called "your workplace?" Faith@Work is a site we've created to help you fulfill your kingdom calling.

Great Resources from Urbana '06

Faith@Work is a network for sharing with each other as we strive to walk in the will of God in the workplace. Here, we can seek answers and advice, and encourage and support one another. We encourage you to participate in the Faith@Work Forum where you will be able to view the comments, questions and feedback from members of the network. There, you can also add your own comments and questions.

If you have a question about Faith@Work or wish to contact one of the Faith@Work ministers, you can do so by going to the Questions Section.

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